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Shakespeare week


Today year 3 took part in a drama workshop, Liam helped us to create a soundscape of the most famous scene in the play Macbeth, the witches. We had a great time and there were some fantastic witches!   What were the 4 things you could use when performing?  Comment below.  

Aspire, be happy, never give up


This week we have been lucky to have some parents in to share with us an insight into what their careers are and how they decided on that career! We had an author, designer, baker and pyrotechnic expert to name but a few!  They all gave us excellent advice and inspiration! 

Celebrating William Shakespeare

shakespeare blog

Year 3 hath had a spectacular day hereafter!  This morning we had our Macbeth workshop where we recreated the famous scene of the 3 witches, then this afternoon we have worked on P4C thinking about the themes of ambition and jealousy which run throughout Macbeth:-)  What have you enjoyed today year 3?