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Swimming gala! by Jae Den


On Friday, Saturday and Sunday I did something called Stretford Club Swimming Gala which is held every year. It is where you race other people within the club from your swimming group and you get really big trophys(For different strokes you get different trophys) and I got 3 trophys and 4 medals.

Lunch in the sunny Athens


We are having lunch in Italy with yummy,many pizzas. We enjoy looking for facts about Italy! Italy is known as the boot. The Population is57.9 million. Gess what!,the smallest country in The world is in Rome!The largest river is called Po. The Largest cities are Millan, Naples,palermon and Genal. C

My homework-Oliver 3LN

F erris wheels were invented in France. R enault is a type of car. A rc de triomphe translates to arch of triumph. N otre dame means our lady. C amembert is a type of cheese. E iffel tower in French is Tour Eiffel. comment challenge: what does troisième année mean in English?(troisième année is […]