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29 Jan 2011

Homework By Yasin:) 28th Jan 2011

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My nintendo wii.

I like my Nintendo wii because it is fun and I have good games with it. on my wii I got a game called 1. Mario kart wii – Monster 4×4 world circuit – wii sports resort – and – wii sports they are all good
games especially Mario kart wii that is my favorite game and that was the third game I brought. The wii is white and I Don’t like it very mutch it is quit boring I say I only got 4 games with it.

My PS3.

I like my PS3 because it is my favorite than my wii it is better than my PSP and my DS and my DSI it is very popular in my Family DS is very boring! My DSI is okay i supose my PSP is 10% less good than my
PS3. My PS3 is the best of all! My PS3 has two controllers six games and it is black and fat.

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