My holiday at Pusty Hrad (Abandond Castle) By Ayah


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Dear 3JE,

On my holiday I went to pusty hrad which mean abandond castle. We went by car to our adventures place. When we arrived there we started walking up the mountain and it took us one hour fifteen minutes. When we arrived there we sat down in a little hut watching the peacefull and calm place where all ruins were. When we went back my mum, my cousin and my little sister Sumayah went one way. Me, my sister, my dad and my uncle went true the forest. As soon as we past the first tree we found sticks too walk with. We walked down very steep hills which lead us to the car park. When we watched the cars we found out that we were going the wrong way. So we had to go back and find our way again. Suddenly when we went down a steep hill my sister nearly slipt on the slippy floor. Few minutes later I nearly fell back like my sister. Later on we were walking on wet floor and I slipt on the soggy floor. We arrived to the car before my mum and my cousin and my little sister came to the car. We had to drive the car to our mum,my cousin and my little sister. It was my dads first time driving a Slovak car. When we found our mum, my little sister and my cousin my uncle said we would go to some place where it had like a well but not deep only three steps and a floor. There was a running tap which had sparkling water coming out of a dark canal. My dad let me walk in the water with no socks or no shoes. When I went out of the water my feet were hurting me because I was going on very hard stone. When we arrived home I went out on boiling concrete to give my mum slippers insted of trainers. when I went to my uncles car, he put my favorite song on and it is (When I get older I will be stronger). He put it so loud everyone could here it. We arrived to the restaurant we were going to. When we fineshed our dinner we went back home. My sister started to cry so me and my cousin had to walk her. On our way back we bought an Ice-cream but my tooth started to hurt so I didn’t finish it. Well I hope you have beautiful weather but we have sweating hot weather!

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