My favourite things we have done in year3


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In year three we went to lots of school trips I particularly liked the trip to the Hindutemple the trip to Chester museum and the Manchester airport.We also had a fantastic Roman day where we played lots of roman games ,and for the first half some people were slaves and in the other half of the day the rest of the class were slaves.We went to the Hindu temple by walking but on the way back we we soaked from head to toe.We went inside the Hindu temple it was gigantic.Inside the hall there was lots of of religious pictures.When we went to the Manchester Airport we saw the Concorde and we were allowed to touch it!! It was the only Aeroplane that we could walk under it.We also went to the chester museum it was wicked. We saw lots of roman objects and we even went to the amphitheatre.It was big!!!!!!!!and there was lots of seats where the Audience used to sit.We done lots of experiments and tests which i was interested in.At the last term we had special weeks and they were Science week,DT week,and Italian week.In science week we learnt about Magnets now that was fun.We made our own magnetic games.I hope you will enjoy y3.

From Aziz

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